PCS Hypochlorous Water

What are PCS Hypochlorous Water products? PCS Hypochlorous Water products are a family of surface cleaners, *Wound Cleansing solutions and surface disinfectants that contain PCS proprietary stabilized Hypochlorous Water solutions*.

We create our Hypochlorous Water by diluting PCS concentrated stabilized sodium hypochlorite disinfectant with purified water to the desired concentration of sodium hypochlorite and add dilute solution of acetic acid to the desired pH range 6 to 8.5 creating PCS Hypochlorous Water solutions. PCS Hypochlorous Water creates PCS proprietary hypochlorous acid formulations.

Hypochlorous acid is generated by our white blood cells. It has become one of the most popular wound cleansing solutions used in many hospitals worldwide. In fact, PCS is developing a PCS Canadian manufactured Hypochlorous Water wound cleansing solution. PCS Hypochlorous Water Surface Cleaning Without Disturbing Dry Surface Biofilms
Our indoor Microbiome Includes Difficult to Remove Biofilms on Dry Surfaces

Dry Surface Biofilms are on most if not all surfaces indoors. A natural community of microorganisms that inhabit most if not all environments. If we stop attacking them with harsh cleaners and disinfectants biofilms can be and are a very beneficial part of our ecosystem.

PCS Hypochlorous Water surface cleaner is not hazardous under WHIMIS and requires no use of PPE‘s, is not corrosive to surfaces, ready to use solution has almost no detectable odour, will not stain clothes or require rinsing. Use PCS Hypochlorous Water to clean frequently touched surfaces, floors, walls, equipment, and most surfaces not damaged by water. PCS Hypochlorous Water routine surface cleaning without disinfecting to encourage dry surface biofilms to include beneficial bacterial populations.